The wearing of school uniform is actively encouraged as we believe that it looks smart, wears well and creates a feeling of belonging to the school.

School uniform is available from Monkhouse school wear specialists (www.monkhouse.com) and also Boppers in Colwyn Bay. As an eco-school we strongly encourage the recycling of uniform. Many parents donate good quality second-hand uniform to school once their    children have grown out of it. If you would like any previously used uniform please speak to Marie Lord (Family Liaison Officer) or Miss Susanne Roberts (Junior site), if we have the size you need, you are welcome to it.

Uniform includes grey trousers or shorts, grey skirt or pinafore dress, white or dark green polo shirts. A grey sweatshirt with school logo or grey sweatshirt cardigans with school logo with black shoes.


Children will continue to wear their PE kits to school on PE days.

PE kit includes a plain white or black t-shirt with plain black shorts or plain sports pants/joggers and a school jumper or cardigan. Trainers must be worn (velcro if possible for the younger children).

Children should not wear jewellery, as it can be hazardous.