LLC – Cymraeg

More suitable for the junior children:  If you follow the link below, you will find a lovely programme called ‘Maith Maith yn ol…’  (Long long ago).  It investigates different eras in our history through a young girl and her grandfather.  Either watch and listen to the Cymraeg, try to see how many words you know, or you have the option of listening to the Cymraeg whilst using the subtitles, just click on the ‘subtitles’ button.

More suitable for the infant children:  If you follow the link, you will find Gethin and Cyw investigating different animals in the natural world.  See how much you can understand, and enjoy the animals.



For those of you who like a bit of competition, the Urdd have announced that they will be doing an Eisteddfod with a difference – Eisteddfod T.  

They are asking their members to get involved and compete by selecting competitions for the list and uploading your videos, clips and photos of performances and work BEFORE 12pm May 11.  The Eisteddfod T judges will choose the best entries to reach the finals to be broadcast in special programmes on S4C, on the S4C website and on BBC Radio Cymru.   A list of all the competitions and instructions on how to compete can be found on the website.

Remember to look for the Welsh second language option if you are doing a recital!

Pob lwc pawb!