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PE Challenge

Ysgol Llandrillo yn Rhos want to do their best to keep all our pupils active during this time. The staff and some members of the community have been working hard to create challenges for our pupils. We will be releasing links each day over the next few weeks with a challenge video for you and your family. We have aimed to include a range of skills, fitness, flexibility, games, dance and more. Have a look at our video to see what it is all about:

To take part you must…

  1. Make sure you have a safe area to complete the challenge
  2. Be wearing suitable clothes, take off jewellery and tie back long hair
  3. Warm up – you could use this warmup video that has been prepared (below)
  4. Check that you have the equipment you need… or improvise
  5. Watch the video
  6. Have a go!
  7. If you think you have a really good score, film yourself and let your class teacher know.

We may ask some of you to send in videos of you doing your challenges. Please wait to be asked before sending in a video.

Challenge no. 1

How many under-overs can you do in 1 minute? Pob lwc!

Challenge no.2 

How long can you plank for?

Challenge no. 3

Two markers, approximately 1m apart… how many times can you go around them with your egg and spoon in 30 seconds?

Challenge no. 4

Can you learn this dance? Can you create a dance of your own that includes clapping and steps?

Challenge no. 5

Welcome back Mr Marshall!

Challenge no. 6

Learn how to bowl and see how many stumps you can hit in 1 minute.

Challenge no.7

How many times can you bounce the ball on your racket?

Challenge no. 8

Can you hold a rugby shape for 1 minute?

Challenge no.9

Mrs Francis demonstrating stillness and balance. Pob Lwc!

Challenge no.10

Miss Marti-Jones setting us a badminton challenge. Pob Lwc!

Challenge 11

Sock Challenge Set by Rachel Taylor

Challenge no. 12

How many step ups can you do in 1 minute?

Cha Cha Challenge no. 13 

Challenge no.14

Challenge from a commonwealth bronze medallist

Challenge no.15

Carmichael Family Challenge

Challenge no.16

Mrs Lawrenson and Miss Bain Double Challenge

Challenge no.17

LTC Tennis Challenge

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