Dear Parents/Carers,

Following the recent news of school closure until 18th January, I am pleased to be able to outline the blended learning we have put together for the children.

We have had a fantastic first term in school and are delighted with the way children have adapted and engaged with their learning.  It is important to us that this continues until we return.  Therefore, we will be providing a recorded video message to the children every morning via Remind.  The video will be presented by your child’s class teacher and will outline the tasks for the day.  There will be a choice of electronic and paper based tasks.  Some of the tasks have been designed to be completed independently by your child and some may need a little support.  Your class teachers will keep in contact with you regularly and will offer as much support as they can.  If you need writing paper, please ring school and you can pick up an exercise book from Reception.

The children in school will be remaining in their class bubbles and will be following the same activities that have been allocated to our home learners.  All information related to your child’s learning will be sent to you directly from your class teacher daily.

Children, who have been receiving additional learning support from Mrs Baldwin, will be contacted in the next few days.

Please make sure you are signed up to Remind.  If you are having any difficulties contact the school on 01492 549648.

We are very keen to support you during this time and look forward to seeing the children when we all return.

So look out for your 8.30am delivery on Remind each morning!

Best wishes

Gaynor Highcock